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HM Curtain provides expert outdoors blinds installation for all residential and commercial properties. We specialise in all types of outdoor shades works in Singapore.

Our 5-Year Guarantee

We have confidence in the quality of our curtains/blinds, offering an extended 5-year guarantee on all purchases. You are free to choose the perfect curtains/blinds for your needs with complete peace of mind. 


HM Curtain offer 5 years' warranty. First and Second year, we provide service warranty for blinds workmanship, installation and technical defects that occurred. Third to Fifth year, we only service the parts. 

Our guarantee is with several conditions and exclusions: Accident, Alteration, Exposure to elements, Misuse, Failure to follow cleaning or maintenance, Fitted in a non-domestic environment, normal wear and tear, fabrics, and dyes normal fading.


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